Viper Bar With Shocks (Fits DRC Maxim Stock Mount)

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This bar is fits the stock DRC Maxim mount.

The Viper Bar, also known as the Bill Siler Bar, has helped pilot drivers to multiple wins over the past few months. The bar to date is one of the stiffest bar on the market. This stiffness allows the car to launch straight, without the driver having to tweak the bar at the line, due to excess flex. 

A few highlights of the bar:

  • 4MM main side rails.
  • 2MM spreader plate that keys into the side rails.
  • 4MM extensions allowing the bar to be run as short as 11" to as long as 13.5.
  • The bar can be ran in three configurations, as a solid bar, your traditional laid down shock configuration or in a vertical configuration. The vertical configuration removes the progressiveness in the shocks you see in the traditional laid down configuration.